Child Wellness

Meet our Child Wellness team:

Fiona Douglas-Crampton (Canada)

Fiona’s career path has been an unexpected and interesting journey, including careers as a Gaming Investigator, Stay-at-home Mom, Sales & Marketing professional, and Non-Profit CEO. When speaking of her current role, she says “It seems as if the universe moved me here” and feels she was meant to become the President & CEO of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace + Education.

Fiona has always had a passion for leadership and mentoring, and she believes strongly in the power of relationships as a path to success and happiness. Her previous roles include CEO of the Minerva Foundation, Acting Director of Fund Development at YWCA Metro Vancouver, and Director of Membership Marketing for the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT).

At the GVBOT, she also served as Chair of the Women’s Leadership Circle from 2015 – 2017 and has been an active Mentor with the Leaders of Tomorrow Program for several years.

She has been President & CEO of the Dalai Lama Center (DLC) since April of 2014. The DLC focuses on promoting and nurturing “Heart-Mind well-being” in children through the adults in their lives. This focus on social and emotional development is a hallmark of Fiona’s leadership philosophy and a perfect extension of her previous non-profit work. She is passionately committed to “educating the heart” as a foundation of how we raise and nurture children, how we work with each other, and invest in the future of our community.