Sports & Recreation

Meet our Sports and Recreation Board:

 Dr. Michael Sagas (United States of America)

Michael Sagas currently serves as Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sports Management at the University of Florida. Dr. Sagas also serves the university as the Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA and SEC. Sagas received his masters and doctorate from Texas A&M University in sports management, where he also served as a faculty member prior to his arrival to UF in 2008.

Dr. Sagas’ primary line of inquiry in the field of sports management has been focused on the under-representation and differential treatment of youth, women, and minorities in sports. The general goal of this research has been to provide theoretical and practical insights needed by scholars, policymakers, and managers to identify the barriers that limit the status, development, advancement, and well-being of youth, women and racial minorities in sports. Sagas has authored or coauthored over 85 refereed journal articles and is a Research Fellow of the North American Society for Sport Management.