Casa Laxmi SA

The Casa Laxmi Foundation is funded through the revenues of Casa Laxmi SA, which is a full-service management consulting firm based in the Bahamas.  It is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Foundation.  Our mission is to provide experienced management consulting and service implementation to small and mid-sized businesses across the globe.  We understand the barriers and hurdles in successfully operating a business and our combination of experience and extensive business acumen along with customized personal service ensures that your business will reach its potential.  The foundation of our business is to provide tailored solutions to maximize growth.  The services that we provide include accounting, tax planning, financial services, strategic planning, forecasting tools and many other services as requested by our clients.

We maintain satellite offices in various countries across the world to better serve our global clients with around the clock attention

Casa Laxmi concentrates its focus on the growth of your business and oversees the implementation of new strategies without having to get caught up in the day to day operations. Our specialty is in working with small to mid-sized businesses. We can take over the management aspect of your business without the expense of an entire office and staff. We can help you get back on track by analyzing and synthesizing critical financial information required not only to project the success of your business but to also determine how to achieve your business’ goals.

We are committed to providing personal attention to all of our clients by providing guidance and insight. With over thirty years of experience, we act as your sounding board to impart to you the knowledge and business sense that we have acquired over this time.