Here are some of the services provided by us. We cater to the specific needs of our clients and can provide services as required depending on the nature and size of the business in question. With our creative and innovative solutions, we help businesses increase efficiency and reduce cost.  We make businesses more profitable.

Our approach is to analyze a business in all phases of its existence (past, present, and future) and create a plan that will result in the efficient use of business resources.


We have a wealth of knowledge in devising strategies for businesses in several industries.  We can assist our clients in formulating a strategy to increase profitability, lower costs and generally raise the viability of the business.  The fact that our clients are based in various industries has made us proficient in developing strategies for many different types of businesses.





Financial planning for the future is imperative – not only from a business sense but also to protect the business’ principals.  We will use our extensive experience in contingency planning for businesses to assist our clients in having an exit strategy and to plan for the company’s future.


Accountants are working to analyze company data. top view. Accounting Concept.


(including coordinating and liaising with external auditors, preparation and filing of GST/HST returns, and bookkeeping)
Accounting is the language of business.  Therefore, it is critical to have reliable and competent accounting professionals on your side.  We can provide services in all aspects of accounting in any jurisdiction.  We have associates in several countries worldwide that can assume the accounting role, giving our clients more time to focus on their business profitability.




BANK/CREDIT CARD RECONCILIATIONClose up of credit cards over grey background

We assume responsibility for bank and credit card reconciliation allows our clients to free up their resources and divert their attention to more valuable tasks.  We are able to provide this service to our clients while ensuring that their business complies with all related statutory and regulatory requirements.





We have several contacts in Asia and many of our customers are based in this part of the world.  Accordingly, we have access to several resources (including goods, professional services, outsourcing services, and contacts in various industries and professions), that may be able to assist in our clients’ business. More and more companies are looking to Asia for answers to many of their business needs, and our contacts can assist in this regard.





This includes design and maintenance support for our clients’ web portals.  We can provide staff (as requested by our clients), computer systems and internet bandwidth.  We can also provide additional software and/or hardware required for running our clients’ programs.





E-commerce is the wave of the future.  We have extensive knowledge of web-based applications and can provide online marketing strategies that are best suited for our clients’ business.  We have implemented successful web marketing programs for several of our clients.




We can provide inbound and outbound call center service catered individually to our clients’ business and staff the call center with proficient and knowledgeable people.  We can also provide training services and close monitoring to ensure that our clients’ customers receive the best possible service.





Similar to hotline support, we can provide call center services for our clients’ customers to address technical issues arising from our clients’ website or other applications.  We can provide proper training and employ those that are well-versed with the application in question so that our clients’ customers’ needs are met effectively and efficiently.





In-house developers are on hand to provide software development that meets our clients’ individual needs.  Each program is specific to our clients’ business and caters specifically to their business model.






We have extensive knowledge of tax and tax planning issues that may arise for business in various industries across various jurisdictions and can use this knowledge to assist in developing a tax structure that help your business to minimize its tax exposure.  We also have legal and accounting contacts in several countries, making it easy to provide services to clients in any jurisdiction.




Given our vast know-how in running businesses, we can assess our clients’ strengths and weaknesses and help them plan for the future.  We can determine where our clients’ funds are best used and help plan cash flow to maximize the profitability of the business.




Golden coins stacks on background


 (management of active and passive investments, review and analysis of investments, and recommendation of new investments)

We have worked with investment companies for several years and have made various investments of our own.  Accordingly, we have gained widespread knowledge of active and passive investments in many different industries, including stocks and bonds, currency exchange, real estate, and mergers and acquisitions.  We assist our clients by making recommendations based on our wealth of knowledge, as well as assessing the viability of current investments.




(including mortgage renewals and addressing all landlord/tenant and other leasing issues)

We have handled real estate issues for large companies with property in several jurisdictions.  We are adept at dealing with landlord/tenant issues, mortgage renewals and refinancing and several other leasing issues that may arise.  We have accounting and legal resources which we can tap to determine how to best handle our clients’ unique circumstances.