The Casa Laxmi Foundation Takes Steps Forward For International Boarding School

The Casa Laxmi Foundation is taking one step closer to completing their international boarding school. 

At Tuesday’s Bay County commission meeting, commissioners adopted a large scale comprehensive plan map amendment.  

“It is basically a land use and zone change from conservation to public institution,” said Bay County Commissioner Keith Baker. 

The subject property was originally included in the Fanning Bayou planned unit development for a future residential subdivision. The current owner has different plans.  

“Once the development order is issued, then you will start seeing a lot of information on what’s coming,” Baker said. 

They have plans for the Casa Laxmi Foundation, a private kindergarten through 12th grade boarding school complete with dormitories, athletic facilities and temporary housing for family members while visiting the students.

“It is going to have a lot of amenities that will allow for parents and people to come in and visit,” Baker said. 

The school will sit on a 260-acre waterfront property and the project will cost an estimated 117 million to complete. 

Baker says this will be a good addition to our area. 

“I think there is a lot of opportunities when you bring people in that don’t know our area and when they discover how beautiful it is and the resources that we have here, that soon they will want to live here,” Baker said. 

The Casa Laxmi Foundation hopes to be fully functional for all grade by 2026. 

-Published by My Panhandle